BatPig Graphics & Design

BatPig was born of my desire to be a work from home dog momma to my 2 french bulldogs.  Yes, of course I had ShayMazing Creations, where I create one of a kind items for everyone; but it's not the same as being able to sell a digital product that actually HELPS someone else.  

With BatPig I create small digitals for use with print, print on demand, sublimation, or screen print.  All of these I sell with a small commercial license (up to 100 prints) before a repurchase is necessary.  

But my true love with BatPig is in branding and logo design for others as well as promotional items. 

Have you struggled to find or make the perfect logo for you business, small or large? I completely understand, this is what led me to the place that I am in.  It was too hard for me to pick a large business to do a logo for me, I didn't know them...what if they didn't get me?  So, I created a super simple way to "get inside your mind" so that we can make the best logo and branding specifically for you. 


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