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The handcrafted signature logos are perfect for web design, social media, letter heads, business cards, and watermarking.  


Browse through styled photos for the type of Calligraphy/Script signature that you want.  Answer a few simple questions, and leave the rest up to me. 


What formats will my Signature Logo be delivered in?

All signature logos come in both a mobile and desktop format.  This includes: 2x black version (low and high resolution) and 2x white versions (low and high resolution), all in .PNG format and 1 black .JPEG format. 

Can I see a preview of my signature before I purchase?

Custom Signature Logos are expertly handcrafted by our skilled artists. Every signature takes hours of passion and creativity to produce. Due to the time and effort required to make each unique signature, we only design your signature once an order has been placed for it.

What happens if I want something changed?

Once your signature is delivered, you have thirty (30) days to request a revision. We will gladly make alterations to ensure that you absolutely love your Signature Logo. 

How do I request a revision of my Signature?

If you want to send a revision request, please send an email to batpig@shaymazingcreations.com with your order number and any info that will help us better understand your preferred design. 

Do I have to pay upfront or can I pay after I see and approve my custom signature?

We require payment upfront. We do this because we are a small boutique style studio, which means we can only handle a certain amount of signatures a day.  This allows us to deliver photo signatures of unmatched quality by our team of artists.

What happens if I don't like the Signature I receive?

Every Signature logo order includes 1 x free round of revisions in the event your custom signature doesn't quite hit the mark. 

How long does it take to receive my Signature?

Signature Logos are delivered respecting the delivery time you've selected when placing your order (delivery Monday to Friday).  *The delivery options available can vary according to daily studio capacity. 

How do I request a source file?

Source files can be ordered in the drop down section of your original order.  If you do not order at the time of purchase, the original will be deleted.  Source files are the editable original file of your signature. The benefit of having a source file is that if you ever work with printers, magazines or any third party they may request a source file.